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Travel Insurance Policy

Travel is an exciting experience around the world and we all want a happy & safe journey. Travel Insurance supports your journey and provides coverage for any unexpected difficulties, medical emergencies, and all other possible risks, which you may face while traveling. Travel around the world with no worries whether you travel alone or with family or any other business trip, travel insurance secures your tour with any haywire and your journey is more excited and peaceful. A good travel insurance plan ensures that all the basic things are covered.

SUB PARIVAR can design the best travel insurance policies as per your need.

  1. We secure you and your family with any type of medical emergencies during travel.
  2. We secure your items like luggage lost, damaged or stolen, etc.
  3. We secure your journey like trip cancellation, flight delay/cancellation, travel assistance, etc.

Advantage of Travel Insurance

  • If you lose your luggage during the journey or there may be a delay in receiving it. But, if you have travel insurance then you will get compensation.
  • You can get trip insurance that the most common type of insurance in India. Due to any circumstances, you need to cancel your trip at the last minute then trip insurance can help you in allocating the budget.
  • You can get a family floater premium to increase financial security for the family. The plan may include a wife, husband, and two children.
  • Sometimes people get sick or injured while traveling so the insurance provides compensation for medical costs.
  • When you go for a trip, the house can be empty, if your house burns or robbed, this insurance gives you financial cover to fight all losses or damages.
  • Travel insurance has no early age limit, so you can get the insurance for your newborn baby.
  • If you apply for travel insurance policy again & again, it can be troublesome so do not worry it provides renewability for life on payment of premium.

Eligibility criteria for insurance

  • If you apply for a family insurance scheme, then two adults should be up to 60 and their two children age up to 21.
  • If student apply for insurance, they must be aged 16 to 40 and they are studying abroad for their higher education.
  • Those who are up to 85 years of age should take senior citizen travel insurance scheme.
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