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Motor Insurance

The vehicle is one of the investments to make your life more comfortable. People save money to buy their vehicle to go for work and personal needs. However, any accident while driving can happen without knowing anything and your vehicle may be physically damaged due to the accident. The motor insurance policy gives compensation to the insured vehicle against any damage. Moreover, insurance is compulsory for any vehicle such as trucks, bikes, Scooters, cars, autos that are running on the road.

SUB PARIVAR  provides complete coverage and protection for your vehicle during physically damaged lost or theft from natural or human-made disasters. If you have any vehicle in India then under the motor vehicle Act of India, 1988 you should always keep motor insurance and third party insurance cover while driving. Motor Insurance is mandatory when you buy any vehicle.

Types of Motor Insurance

Private Car Insurance: The car insurance is the first thing to do after buying a car. This is financial support for any natural disaster. The policy gives coverage and third party insurance for any damage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: These Insurance Policies protect financial loss to the vehicle due to accidental damages. The insurance is available for a commercial vehicle such as trucks, taxis, buses, auto, etc. The insurance company gives compensation if your vehicle damage by accident such as fire, burglary, theft or external explosion, etc.

Two-Wheeler Insurance:  This insurance also provides coverage for two-wheelers due to any accidental loss and damages.

Advantage of Motor Insurance

  • You can buy a motor insurance plan online instantly and without any hassle.
  • You can easily renew your vehicle policy online with just a few clicks.
  • The policy gives huge coverage against loss, theft, fire damages for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler.
  • The plan includes third party liability coverage for any damage by the vehicle owner.
  • It offers easy cashless claim advantage to the policyholder anywhere anytime.
  • Some insurance company connected to a network of automobiles so that you can easily fix your car and bike without cash.
  • A reputable motor insurance company provides the benefit of no claim bonus and they can transfer it to one insurer to another insurer.
  • A good and reliable insurance company provides online customer support and SMS updates for a claim.

Documents Required

  • For buying a new policy, you need a proposal form with details and a copy of the registration certificate.
  • To renew the policy, you required a proposal form with details, a copy of the former policy document, and RC of the vehicle.
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