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Health Insurance policy

Health insurance is a type of medical coverage that helps policyholders to provide financial security to his/her hospital’s expenses. The health plan reimburses for all medical expenses such as serious injury in accident, hospitalization, surgeries, illness, and diagnosis of any serious disease. It offers insurance coverage to an insured person with many advantages and cashless hospitalization. Buying a health insurance policy is affordable to secure any future medical expenses of the customer.

Health policy is a contract between an insurance provider and the customer where the provider gives compensation for medical expenses in an exchange of premium. The Person can contact in network hospital that has a tie-up with the insurance company. Sometimes it included with employer benefit package and companies cover premium but often also deduct from the employer’s salary. Your financial planning is incomplete if you have not purchased the health policy.

Key Benefits of Health Insurance Plan

  1. The health policy offer treatment in a network hospital without paying a rupee because the insurance company pays the amount on your behalf.
  2. Health insurance policy provides insurance coverage for both pre & post-hospitalization. The term & condition apply to the policy, which consists of the number of days and type of plan.
  3. The health policy also covers ambulance or any other transportation cost of the insured. Therefore, the hospitalized person is relieved of the burden of arranging the vehicle.
  4. Medical insurance plans offer regular health check-ups to some insured persons. However, it depends on the type of policy and company that the insured takes.
  5. Health insurance provides coverage of hospital room expenses and depends on the premium paid by the insured.
  6. If you purchase health insurance policy then you will get a tax advantage of the premium paid under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  7. The health insurance company pays the cost of transplantation and organ surgery. If the benefit is not available in your policy then you can add it to the policy.
  8. Many health insurance companies offer alternative treatment coverage such as Yoga, Homeopathic, and Ayurveda.

Document Required For Health Insurance

  1. You should have age proof such as Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Birth certificate, etc.
  2. You should have identity proof such as Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Utility bill, Aadhar card any document issued by the government of India.
  3. You should have address proof of any one of them Ration card, Passport, Pan Card, Electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.
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